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9 things your e-commerce store needs to earn more.

You want your online store to drive sales but just putting your products online is not enough. To generate maximum revenue your store needs to be built on the best of breed architecture by experienced developers.  Magento has been the market leader in e-commerce for over a decade. Today Magento is one of the most popular Open Source engines for creating online stores. Plus, Magento’s Enterprise Edition withstands up to 350 million catalog views and 487,000 orders per day. It is one of the most reliable eCommerce CMS platforms. Among its main advantages: open-source, rich functionality, and flexibility.

Magento is a tool that is great for large companies. More than 250,000 trading platforms are based on the platform, including Lenovo, Samsung, Rebel8, Gucci, Olympus, Skype, Swarovski, Ford, Zend, Olympus, Nike, Gant, Gap, 20th Century Fox, Men’s Health, Lincoln, Nordstrom, DC Shoes, Philips, Huawei, Adidas, and North Face and many others.

E-commerce has taken over the world, no self-respecting retailer can imagine a business without an online platform.

Magneto powers nearly 30% of all eCommerce stores

The secrets to building a powerful e-commerce site

E-commerce has taken over the world, no self-respecting retailer can imagine a business without an online platform. These are attributes you should look for in your e-commerce platform:

  1. Convenience in information management
    A high-quality and intuitive interface allows you to efficiently work with images, quickly update product units, view and analyze analytical data, quickly change the necessary attributes, identify and offer customers complementary and similar products, and work with prices. The obvious pluses include adaptive design and layout, that is, the ability to view the site on any device with different resolutions and forms. The Magento platform does this well and also integrates with popular PIM (Product Information Management) solutions.
  2. Marketing and management of multiple stores.
    Magento allows you to set price rules for the basket and catalog, manage stocks and discounts on the established product matrix, manage banner sites, automate email newsletters, remind customers of abandoned baskets, work with up-sell and cross-sell technologies, receive and analyze information in real-time, as well as quickly solve a number of other important marketing tasks. One of the possible advantages with Magento now is that without compromising on good bits you can manage and run multiple stores at once without any hiccups.
  3. Search engine optimization
    Traffic from search engines can undoubtedly be considered an important promotion tool today. Magento has special features that allow for effective SEO optimization, among them: working with meta-data, automatically generating a site map, the ability to create pages with a product matrix that matches certain filters and edit them separately, as well as other useful options.
  4. Navigation and search
    In the online store built on Magento, it is possible to display the widest range of items, while the customer can quickly find the right product.
  5. Scalability
    The system can boast of stable operation, the online store will perfectly cope with its functions even with an influx of guests, with a large number of orders, and with constantly high activity of visitors to the site.
  6. Very flexible architecture
    Thanks to its flexible architecture, the Magento online store can be customized to fit any need.
  7. Integration capability
    In fact, Magento-based stores can integrate any e-commerce solution: payment system, analytics system, courier service, CRM, and ERP systems.
  8. Technical Support and Security
    The information security of the online store is at a high level, due to the support of SSL encryption and constant security updates. Magento maintains and regularly releases security updates, this allows you to maintain the state of information security of the online store at a high level. An interesting novelty for Magento was the introduction of V-commerce. Here vCommerce refers to voice commerce in which users interact with the web using voice recognition technology. Voice commerce is a new stage in the development of online commerce. With this tool, it will be possible to make teams that require mechanical action using only voice. Magento developers are now working with the Amazon and Google teams to make the voice shopping feature available to every customer.
  9. Support for marketplace functionality
    Magento’s capacities will allow supporting the functionality of the marketplace; the platform has practically no load limits. Of course, the marketplace is primarily a process, but we can be sure that the platform is guaranteed to support any business initiative.

In today’s realities, many large retailers have devoted all their efforts to develop their own applications. Indeed, due to the mobility and availability of technical characteristics, many users often choose online shopping.

Large retailers are best served with the Magento Enterprise Edition. Yes, it will require an investment of time and money, but in the end, the results will justify the costs.

The significant stats show that Magneto powers nearly 30% of all eCommerce stores and the percentage is increasing gradually. To experience the Magento driven revolution you must convert your eCommerce web store into a Magento eCommerce store.

Also, it has been revealed by Google that the term “Magento” has been searched more than the term “eCommerce”. Also, partnering up with Magento would help in putting you on good terms with Google by increasing the efficiency and performance of your platform.

According to statistics from GATE, the largest debit electronic payment system, about 2.1 billion people made payments only through a mobile phone. According to reports, people used their mobile phones for payments 30% more often than in the same period in 2017. At the same time, the share of sales from desktop versions decreases every year.

Magento developers quickly adapted to the new market conditions dictated by customers. Magento app – is extremely economical, feature-rich, and easy to use. Retailers can customize it to suit their needs and conditions. The application is fully synchronized with the Magento store. The Magento mobile application does not lag behind in its high functionality, from the platform that many E-commerce platforms have loved, and its advantages include:

  • A fully functional homepage usability homepage allows you to maintain a positive CX, and the convenience of the backend allows store owners to easily change and manage various aspects of the homepage.
  • Multilingualism and multicurrency Like the regular version, Magento is fully compatible with all languages ​​and currencies.
  • Overview and rating of products The mobile application will allow customers to share reviews, this will become an additional source of customer information for store owners.
  • Push Notifications A convenient function for creating push notifications allows manufacturers to generate additional customer traffic due to timely reminders.
  • Synchronizing the application with the regular version Full synchronization enables the administrator to access information in real time and quickly respond to possible problems. And this guarantees a seamless experience for customers.
  • Configuration flexibility The configuration flexibility allows you to relatively quickly and easily organize the application. The latest version has all the themes and templates available for the desktop version.
  • Friendly backend The program provides a friendly backend that is not even available to Magento developers.

Web services exchange information between networks using the Magento Core API. They grant permission to third-party applications to access store data for integration. Open source Magento supports SOAP and REST services.

Magento SOAP v1 API gives you the ability to manage the basket, functionality of e-commerce stores, providing work with customers, categories, products and sales orders.

Magento 2

Magneto has literally taken over the eCommerce with new version launch i.e. Magento 2. Many eminent features like, better mobile shopping experience, faster load time, effective and improved admin interface, better testing capabilities and improved technical architecture are comprised in Magento 2. This makes Magento on the top of the priority list while selecting an eCommerce platform among other platforms available in the market.

Magento’s choice is obvious

Magento is a good solution for a large-scale online store. It includes wide functionality, has an intuitive interface, allows you to determine which extensions your store will need, as well as integrate with third-party services. In connection with the active development of mobile commerce, Magento will be an excellent base for creating your own application and will allow your business to be as effective and profitable as possible. The NetAesthetics team, with effective and sophisticated case studies on developing the E-commerce business, in particular, based on the Magento platform, will help your company become innovative, profitable, and as customer-oriented as possible.

It is difficult not to note the fact that during the development of the economy of impressions and the continuous improvement of the customer path, the development of omnichannel sales is gaining peak significance for any retail company. Due to its flexibility and versatility, the Magento platform will become the best tool for establishing omnichannel sales processes, increasing customer trust and loyalty, reducing common ground on the client path, and therefore, for optimizing business processes and increasing company efficiency! Contact us to see if we’re the right team to you build your store.

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