24/7 WordPress website management

WordPress gets the job done, but the backend can be messy; plugins are always outdated; third-party tools slow your site; your hosting service takes your site down occasionally, you lose customers, and Google penalizes you for poor performance.
You can fix all this with our 24/7 maintenance service that does the dirty work while you receive monthly reports of great results.

Plugin updates

WordPress plugins are the most common threat to security and performance. They easily slow your sites, break codes, and you lose customers conversion and authority. We help you manage all this effectively to make sure you have a clean plugin system that benefits your website.

Reliable Backups

Your database can get erased or corrupted due to a code error, plugin problems, domain problems and others. We help you properly backup your WordPress database and files every day, so you can quickly restore things to normal.

Security Monitoring and Malware cleanup

WordPress is vulnerable to hacks and phishing. Without a good security system, you'll get unauthorized access, spam attacks, data leaks, and business identity theft. We help you secure your website round the clock so you can focus on your business.

Code Fixing

Poor codes affect site performance, so you lose traffic and customers. Also, it's a major loophole for hacking, phishing, malware, and unauthorized access to confidential data. Let's help you clean up this so your website achieves the main purpose; getting customers.

Our Services

Our Process

Jump on a call
We treat every website different. First, we have a call with you to discover the main goal of your website; it’ll give us a direction on features to prioritize and supercharge.
Chose your service
Next, we create different packages to help you achieve this. You chose the best that suits your need, and you're good; we take the beat from here.
Sit back and review monthly reports
Now all you have to do is sit back and review the weekly reports from our different upgrades. It's that simple.

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